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The last year and a half has been a challenge for all of us. Some have been impacted more than others. Some have lost family members. Others have seen a loss or reduction in their family income. As a result of the pandemic there has been an increase in the number of people experiencing basic needs shortages. Our MSAA NHS Committee felt that this year our Chapters should address specific needs in their own communities. You may choose to assist any of the charitable organizations in your area that your NHS Chapter feels most passionate about serving.

Our committee is working on ways to celebrate through the MSAA the good works being done by NHS Chapters from all over the state. The MSAA will highlight them on our NHS website as well as other social media avenues we employ.  The goal is to have every NHS Chapter in the state work to ease some of the burdens of their community members through their leadership, scholarship, service, and character.

You can upload send your photos, write-ups, or any other information about your service project thourgh the link below:

Adopt-A-Charity Project Submission


The purpose of the NHS Committee shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character and citizenship in the students of secondary schools in Massachusetts. The NHS Committee shall also act as an instrument to help local chapters implement a working philosophy based on that of the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society by:

Serving as an informational resource agency for all established chapters.
Bringing about better communication between association member chapters.
Providing workshops for member chapters. Maintaining liaison with NASSP (parent organization for NHS and NJHS).

The MSAA would like to congratulate the National Honor Society Committee's selection of award winners for 2020-21.  The students, NHS Chapters, and organizations receiving awards have met the highest standards in the areas of: Scholarship; Leadership; Character; and Service. 

Their contributions to their schools and community during a pandemic has been inspiring.

Nicholas Mullen
Tri-County Vocational Technical High School

Briahna Bouchard
Murdock High School

Siobhan McAllister
South Hadley High School

Abigail Mitchell
Lowell High School

Pictured from Left to Right: Lisa M Colloca, Lowell High School NHS Adviser; Stephanie Q Donahue, North Region Coordinator; Abigail Mitchell, North Region Student of the Year; Michael Fiato, Head of School


Join Us to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NHS and support and promote the work each chapter is doing under incredible circumstances caused by the pandemic.
This is our way of providing inexpensive, timely, and relevant information and training not available because of our cancelled fall and spring “in-person” conferences.

Why should you and your student leaders attend?
The first reason is the incredible speakers we’ve secured that will provide inspiration, information, and practices that your chapter can apply during and after the pandemic.


Scott Backovich
Youth Motivational Speaker

Elancia Felder
National Association of Secondary School (NASSP) Program Manager for NHS/NJHS Chapters around the country

James Joinville
2020 NHS Adviser of the Year
Quaboag Regional School District


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