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Fall States - November 18, 2018 /  Worcester State University


Fall Regionals - November 11, 2018:

North - Methuen High School - Results

Central  - Marlboro High School - Results
 West - Marlboro High School - Results
 South - Franklin High School - Results
Game Day - Marlboro High School - Results

Winter Regionals - March 3, 2019

Winter States - March 10, 2019

Game Day States - March 3, 2019

New Englands - March 16, 2019


Click here to view the approved and final 2018-2019 through 2020-2021 Cheer Alignments.


ATTENTION All Cheer and Dance Coaches and Administrators:

Recent enforcement efforts by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) have highlighted the need for compliance with US Copyright Law.  The Massachusetts School Administrators Association (MSAA) is providing the following information regarding the use of copyrighted music at school cheer and dance events (pep rallies, Homecoming events, cheer or dance routines in general, etc.) including competition routines.

The licenses purchased by the MSAA for the regional and state championships do not cover the music usage by individual schools.  Each school is obligated to comply with copyright laws regarding the use of music.  We understand that this change has come up at a time in the year where coaches may have already started the process of ordering, or have already ordered music.  Coaches should contact his/her music provider to see what steps they take to ensure that they are in compliance.  A list of preferred vendors has been compiled by USA Cheer and is included in the links below.

The information provided here and in the links below should not be construed as legal advice.  If you have specific questions or concerns related to copyright laws, please contact an attorney.

Useful links:

National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS)

USA Cheer Music Copyrights Educational Initiative Announcement

USA Cheer Music Information

FAQs for the USA Cheer Music Copyrights Education Initiative

USA Cheer Preferred Music Providers


Game Day is a competition that takes teams’ sideline cheerleading responsibilities and traditions and puts them in the spotlight!  A Game Day routine has three parts – Time Out Cheer, Game Situation Sideline, and Half-Time Performance.  Responding to situation audio clues that simulate a real game day sporting event, teams perform their best sideline material and traditions that their fans see at every game!  Teams will be judged on execution, crowd effectiveness, energy, and overall performance.

Fall 2018 Intent to Enter Form
NEW - Interactive Fall 2018 Intent to Enter Form

Fall 2018 Roster 
NEW - Interactive Fall 2018 Roster

Sportsmanship Form

  Score Sheet- Effective Winter 2018 - 8 judges will score Game Day (4 judging the top of the scoresheet / 4 judging the bottom)
  Game Day Rubric 
  Game Day Cues 

landre AT dcrsd DOT org
natevelle AT verizon DOT net
dbonneville AT shschools DOT com
jcloutier AT mssaa DOT org
mconnelly AT mssaa DOT org
afinn415 AT gmail DOT com
gagnej AT elms DOT edu
tracey.hartman AT leominster.mec DOT edu
hhaskell76 AT gmail DOT com
luvblu5 AT yahoo DOT com
josephl AT tantasqua DOT org
Melis318 AT aol DOT com
dpignone AT stonehamschools DOT org
kathannroy AT gmail DOT com
nb2387 AT aol DOT com
jeffrey.szymaniak AT whrsd DOT org
melissajzwang AT gmail DOT com

Please refer to the MSAA Rules and Regulations for answers to the MSAA State Examination
(click here to view)

MSAA Cheerleading State Examination

The MSAA has a new contract with VarsityMedia.net.  They will be the exclusive videoggraphers for our state tournaments.   Click here to view flyer and services offered.

You can visit their website is www.varsitymedia.net for information and ordering

“Recognizing Excellence in Character, Achievement and Coaching”

Click here to complete nomination form

Award History:

2012 John Beaton
2013 Patrica Maroney
2013 Mary Soucy
2014 Adrienne DeGeorge 
2015 Patti Johnson 

The MSAA is please to announce it will be awarding Cheerleading teams, during the fall and winter seasons, Community Service Awards.

Nominations are currently being requested for the MSAA Community Service Award.  These awards will be presented annually to a specific team performing one or more community service projects.

Click here for Nomination Form

Award History:

2013 Norwood High School
2014 Nashoba Valley Tech High School
2014 Plymouth South High School
2014 North Middlesex High School
2014 South Hadley High School
2014 Dighton Rehoboth High School 
2015 Georgetown High School 

MSAA Executive - Michael Connelly

Committee Members:

Ms. Diana Bonneville, Principal, South Hadley HS
Ms. Leigh Joseph, Assistant Principal, Tantasqua RSHS
Ms. Shannon McGuire, Assistant Princpal, Plymouth North
Mr. Dave Pignone, Athletic Director, Stoneham HS

Coaches Reps:

Loretta Andre - Central -landre AT dcrsd DOT org
Tracey Hartman - Central  -tracey.hartman AT leominsterschools DOT org
Shavalle Boire - West -natevelle AT verizon DOT net
Jill Gagne - West -gagnej AT elms DOT edu
Melissa McCular - North -Melis318 AT aol DOT com
Kathleen Roy - North -kathannroy AT gmail DOT com

Heather Johnson - South -luvblu5 AT yahoo DOT com
Nicole Sullivan - South -nb2387 AT aol DOT com

Officials Rep:

Andrea Finn -afinn415 AT gmail DOT com     

Tournament Directors:

Jennifer Cloutier, North and State -jcloutier AT mssaa DOT org
Heath Haskell, South -hhaskell76 AT gmail DOT com
Mellisa Zwang, Central/West/Game Day -melissajzwang AT gmail DOT com

Penalty Questions         
penalty AT mssaa DOT org    


Fall State Dance Tournament - November 17, 2018 / Hudson High School - Click here for results

Winter State Dance Tournament - March 2, 2019

New England Dance Tournament - March 9, 2019

“Recognizing Excellence in Character, Achievement and Coaching”

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Award History:

2014 Jamie Campbell

Copyright 2011 MSAA and its licensors.  All rights reserved.

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