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  • I owe it to myself and my students to help my profession move forward at the state and national levels.
  • It takes strength in numbers and concerted action to accomplish anything worthwhile.
  • Through Membership in my association, I can obtain reports and publications prepared with my professional needs in mind.
  • The regular meetings, workshops and conferences I, or members of my staff, attend provide ideas and information obtained in no other way.
  • I have many friends among the members - people I enjoy being with for friendship's sake as well as for professional reasons. My life is richer and more worthwhile because I belong.
  • Committee efforts and other association activities enable me to contribute - to do my part for the profession, the schools, students, and the general good.
  • The cost of belonging is small compared to what I get in return - extremely low rent for the space I occupy in the profession.
  • Even when other problems command my full attention, the officers, directors, and the association office keep working in my interest. At such times, maintaining my membership is a vote of confidence in them.
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